Advanced Software Engineering

We are software engineering experts, here to help you with your most demanding projects.


How does Infaloom differentiate itself from a vast majority of technology consulting companies?

What we do?

Infaloom specializes in delivering advanced offshore software engineering solutions. We collaborate with our clients to help solve critical needs for customized web and mobile application projects.

Web Application Services

Microsoft SQL Server, Web API 2, ASP.NET MVC, EntityFramework, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Redis, Angular 1+, React, HTML5, SASS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, ...

Mobile Application Services

Ionic 1+ and React Native for hybrid apps, Objective-C and Swift for iOS, Java for Android

How can we help you?

Our experience has been that our clients greatly benefit from Infaloom when their primary motivations are to solve one or more of the following problems or business drivers:

Critical Technology Innovation.

A call for high quality engineering services.

Business process reorganization.

Pressure from the fiscal year budget.

Limited software engineering resources in the current organization.

A gap in technical skill sets requiring staff augmentation.

A need to speed up project delivery times.

Risk management - the cost/benefit analysis.

It makes financial sense to engage a dedicated 3rd party software engineering team.

Too many projects on the desk of management; it’s time to engage the services of a 3rd party vendor.

Why Infaloom?

Superior software engineering innovation and collaboration throughout all phases of the project lifecycle.
We close the critical gap between technology business needs and the demand for highly skilled technologists.
Customized web and mobile application services delivered at a reasonable price.


Requirements gathering

We'll work closely with you to make sure all the requirements are taken into account before making any architectural level technical decisions.


Project and milestones planning

We'll assemble the best team specific to your project, provide estimates and then split the project into the most meaningful deliverables.

Multiple milestones development

You'll see your product being built almost in real-time. We update our client oriented test environment daily.


Pre-release tweaking

Before we go live with your product we'll have a period of tidying up, load-testing and tweaking based on your feedback.


Product Release

We can either deliver a fully documented deployment package or host the application on your behalf with some of the most popular hosting providers depending on the used technologies.

Post-Release Maintenance

We provide 1 month of 100% free post-release bug fixing period. We offer a maintenance plan which best fits your needs. We will stick with the project for as long as you need us.

Our Services

How does Infaloom organize its services?

Infaloom prides itself with a team of highly skilled technology experts that specialize in building high quality, secure, and scalable software engineering applications.

We categorize our services based on our clients’ motivations as a function of time, resources, and recurring business needs.

One Time Project

We will help you build your software application from initial requirement gathering, over development to post-release maintenance.

Staff Augmentation

Meet your project objectives by growing your technology team remotely. We will match your resource needs with highly skilled engineers or designers. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific talent requirements.

Recurring Business Model

Have multiple projects requiring a team of dedicated resources? Contact us to schedule a call to discuss your special requirements.

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Personality before functionality

Jovica Zaric

Founder and Lead Software Architect

ran a marathon in 3h 33m

Milan Zivkovic

Creative Director

creates art toys

Nikola Jovanovic

Senior .NET Engineer

is an avid comics collector

Ivan Stojanovic

Senior JavaScript Engineer

decorates aquariums

Marko Kojic

Junior JavaScript Engineer

is a former soccer player with manners of an English butler

Max Nuki

Head of Business Development USA

is an excellent piano player

Svetlana Djokovic

Team Assistant

visited every corner of Europe

Nemanja Mitrovic

Senior QA Automation Engineer

kickboxer wannabe

Senad Mehic

Senior JavaScript Engineer

likes to eat and play guitar simultaneously

Nenad Gonev

System Admin

is a well-known member in Flight Simulator community

Your name here

Senior .NET full-stack developer

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Senior .NET full-stack developer

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